Effective Navigation

Enter Vitus – inspired by the ancient explorers and born from the vision of creating a guiding light for all construction experts. A dependable source of information and clarity empowering effective navigation and informed decision-making.

Our mission

As construction becomes increasingly digitalized, the ability to navigate complex BIM data becomes ever more essential.

Vitus answers the industry’s call for an intuitive cloud platform that makes complex data easy to access, share, and understand for everyone, from managers to BIM specialists and construction workers.

Today, growing volumes of data bring unprecedented opportunities to accelerate operational efficiency on all construction projects, regardless of size. But handling it all can be tricky.

Twenty-five percent of companies say they have difficulties accessing data. No problem. With game-changing Vitus as your co-pilot, you don’t have to be a BIM expert to get the benefits of working with the technology. It’s like BIM satnav.

While Vitus caters to everyone, it truly excels for construction professionals seeking straightforward information. No more hours spent navigating complex BIM-platforms or relying on multiple colleagues for essential data.

Our background

Vitus is created by construction professionals, for construction professionals. We are more than software developers – we are engineers and contractors who understand the challenges and complexities of the construction industry firsthand.
This unique blend of expertise allows us to design a platform that truly addresses the needs of our users.

We urge for a collaborative approach, ensuring our platform remains relevant and cutting-edge so we can keep our users at the forefront of digitization in the construction industry.

Our vision extends beyond developing smart features. We aim to create a user-friendly platform that simplifies BIM and data management, turning these powerful tools into accelerators for your projects rather than sources of complexity. We believe in making advanced technology accessible and beneficial for everyone in the construction industry.

Upload models

Upload your drawings and 3D-models to your ACC project

Set up dashboards

Create shortcuts for 3D-views and setup dashboards

Engage with BIM

Now, use your new shortcuts and insights for better and faster planning, collaboration and decision making.