Container terminal - Nordhavn

Munck – Havne og Anlæg

Material vaste less than 0.1 %

Munck Havne og Anlæg has been commissioned to construct a state-of-the-art container terminal for By & Havn. This project is a key component in the expansion of the North Harbor, a dynamic and evolving district in Copenhagen.

To optimize the project, Munck employs the Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) methodology for the prefabrication of reinforcement cages. This innovative approach not only bolsters the safety and efficiency of the construction phase but also promotes a healthier work environment. Through meticulous planning and digital simulation, Munck has achieved a remarkable reduction in material waste to less than 0.1%. This significant achievement underscores the value of the additional effort and establishes a benchmark for lean and sustainable practices in large-scale infrastructure projects.

The successful implementation of the VDC method necessitates the participation of construction professionals who may not be specialists in Building Information Modeling (BIM) or VDC software. To address this, Munck utilizes Vitus. The platform provides easy access to both models and data, ensuring all decisions are informed by accurate project insights. Vitus empowers non-BIM specialists to interact with the project’s digital twin in an intuitive and effective manner. This tool enables real-time visualization and monitoring of the construction process, fostering improved communication, enhanced coordination, and informed decision-making across all levels.

By leveraging Vitus, Munck Havne og Anlæg is pioneering a new standard for lean and sustainable construction practices. This case study exemplifies the tangible benefits of integrating digital tools in large infrastructure projects, as demonstrated in the New Container Terminal at Nordhavn.

"With Vitus, everyone on site has easy access to the 3D models and the information we need"
Jan Peter Johannsen
Project Manager, Munck Havne og Anlæg

Project info

Owner: By & Havn

Contractor: Munck – Havne og Anlæg 

Design: Cowi