Vitus allows you to streamline decision-making and workflows by sharing dashboards, curated 3D models, and clarity-enhancing elements like colour-coded components.
It makes it effortlessly easy to travel around your project, quickly find what you need, and take accurate measurements. It just takes one click.
Vitus is the ultimate BIM co-pilot.

Project and Design Manager

As a project or design manager, you need to maintain the overview. This involves gathering inputs, coordinating interfaces, and addressing intricate issues. However, the challenge lies in keeping up with the constant influx of new topics and problems.

Many find it difficult to locate and keep up-to-date with the data and geometry that provide this overview. With Vitus, you can set up dashboards that display the movements in the design data you need, and save and theme 3D views for easy access and overview of the current design stage in your areas of interest.

Construction site worker

Studies show that up to a third of construction site time is spent on suboptimal tasks, including locating necessary information for correct task execution.

Not anymore.  Vitus provides access to both current drawings and 3D models. You can create, save, and name sections and views for easy retrieval.

Objects can be filtered and colored based on their data, facilitating quick overview of the geometry and building parts needed for your work.

Developer / Owner

One of the most distinctive features in Vitus is the ability to engage with BIM though data. Build dashboards and get updated on quantities, new building parts and model data whenever you want.

As a Developer or Owner, with Vitus you are always updated on the design as well as the main project figures. You don’t have to wait for project deliveries to find out if everything is as agreed upon.


A specialist role on a construction project often necessitates robust BIM tools for comprehensive analysis and effective communication of your findings to the project stakeholders. The former can be costly, and the latter challenging, as it requires the translation of technical insights into layman’s terms.

With Vitus, you gain the capability to perform intricate analysis while simultaneously presenting your results in user-friendly graphs or diagrams. Even the 3D model can be color-coded to visualize your findings effectively.